Are You Ready To Take On The Madeira Canyon Challenge?


The Adventure Of A Lifetime!

Youth Adventure Challenge


Madeira, Portugal

Open availability

March 2024

Custom courses

Offered Year Round


7 days - 5 days of activities

Package type


Experience required

Beginner friendly. For people who want to push themselves, try new things,  and accomplish difficult goals

Fitness required

Must be able to complete multiple  days of moderate physical difficulty in a row.

Minimum Group Size

5 participants


Transformative skill development

Professional Guides

Certified guides from the International Canyoning Academy.

Holistic Learning

Integrating risk management, judgment, leadership, and emotional awareness.

Accomplish Challenging Goals

Experience the satisfaction of overcoming difficulties.

Life-Changing Adventures

Coming-of-age experiences that promote personal growth.

All-Inclusive Adventure

Custom tailored adventures that cater to your every need.

Youth Adventure Challenge

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Participants in the Madeira Canyon Challenge have the flexibility to choose between shared or private accommodations, catering to their individual preferences.

Shared accommodation is included in the base price of the Challenge.

Those who prioritize privacy can opt for their own secluded accommodations, allowing for moments of solitude and relaxation. To request private accommodation please email info@wildskyguides.com

Our custom approach to lodging ensures that all participants can tailor their stay to their unique budget, and desires.


Just so you know, at the Madeira Canyon Challenge, we’ve got you covered when it comes to food!

We offer three delicious meals a day with a real taste of Madeiran cuisine.

We’re flexible. If your have food allergies, preferences, or dietary restrictions, no worries at all – our kitchen team will make sure you have great meals that fit your needs.

We want your time with us to be a mix of adventure and fantastic food, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll be well-fed and happy.



Rest assured, we have the logistics covered for the rugged mountain journeys essential for canyoning in Madeira.

We provide robust vehicles that are perfectly equipped to navigate the challenging terrain of the island’s breathtaking mountain landscapes.

These vehicles are not just a means of transportation; they are essential tools to ensure the safety and comfort of our participants as they embark on the Madeira Canyon Challenge.

By providing transportation, we aim to enhance your experience. Instead of focusing on vehicle logistics and driving you can focus on learning new techniques and enjoying the experience

*Airport Pickup Included!



The Madeira Canyon Challenge is a coming of age adventure includes five exciting days of activities.

MCC curriculum is structured to progressively build skills and confidence, with each day offering increasingly challenging experiences.

On the first day, participants dive into the world of canyoning with a dry day dedicated to learning fundamental skills, ensuring everyone is well-prepared for the adventure ahead. As the week unfolds, the intensity ramps up, culminating on the fifth day with the Madeira Canyon Challenge itself, a thrilling descent through a lengthy and demanding canyon.

This carefully designed progression ensures that every participant is not only equipped with the necessary skills but also mentally and physically ready to conquer the ultimate challenge by the end of their incredible journey.


photos and video

We believe in capturing the memorable moments of your Madeira Canyon Challenge experience, which is why all photos and videos taken by our guides are included in the package price.

*Our guides are skilled at documenting the adventure, and to make it convenient for everyone, we’ll upload these photos to a shared Google Photos folder, accessible to all participants.

*This way, you can relive the excitement and breathtaking scenery of your journey, share your accomplishments with friends and family, and treasure the memories of your Madeira adventure for years to come, all at no extra cost.

Plane tickets

It’s important to note that the base price of the Madeira Canyon Challenge does not include plane tickets.

We do not purchase plane tickets for participants as part of the package.

However, we do offer a valuable service in the form of free consulting to assist you in finding the best airline tickets that suit your specific needs.

Our team is readily available to provide guidance and recommendations to ensure that your travel arrangements align seamlessly with your adventure plans, helping you get to Madeira smoothly and ready to embark on your unforgettable challenge.



What Would MCC Alumni say to Future Participants?

To Future Participants I would say that the Madeira Canyon Challenge was an unforgettable adventure that pushed my limits and expanded my horizons. The excellent staff, thrilling activities, and stunning natural beauty combined to create an experience that I would recommend to anyone seeking an exciting and transformative journey.

Participant Review MCC Finisher

To Future Participants I would say that the Madeira Canyon Challenge (MCC) was seriously incredible! I'd rate it a solid 10/10 without a doubt. Climbing that massive 60-meter waterfall? Totally unforgettable. If you're looking for an adventure and want to learn cool stuff like risk management and stoicism, this is the trip for you. The staff was great! I loved Souza! They are all very safe and know everything there is to know about canyons. Seriously, I'd do this again in a heartbeat with the same crew. Don't miss out on this epic experience!

Participant Review MCC Finisher

To future participants, I would say that the Madeira Canyon Challenge (MCC) was an eye-opening adventure. one I'd rate a solid 10 out of 10 in terms of satisfaction. Building trust with peers on top of huge waterfalls with amazing views was an unforgettable experience. The MCC not only enhanced my understanding of risk and safety management but also pushed my limits. Safety was never a concern, and the staff was exceptional in addressing risks, although there were moments, like hanging over a waterfall, when I felt slightly uncomfortable.

Participant Review MCC Finisher

I've worked with Wild Sky on two different week-long, large-group outdoor education trips for high school students . These adventure trips were focused around canyoneering, as well as geology, ecology, and local history. Sam was our primary guide for our week of adventure in Madeira, Portugal, and he really went above and beyond the role of “canyon guide”. He became an invaluable teacher, mentor, and friend to my students (and to me!) throughout the week . Not only is Sam a highly qualified & skilled guide , he is a gifted educator, weaving in lessons big and small about everything from climbing safety and gear, geology and the environment , to “life lessons”. Along the way. He established a strong camaraderie with the students, while maintaining firm, ( but never harsh ) authority and order throughout, so everyone knew what was expected of them. Sam’s “no safety jokes” rule set a clear tone of respect for the seriousness of the safety practices vital to all the activities we were doing amidst all of the fun and adventure.

Teacher Review MCC Youth Adventure Chaperone

Frequently Asked Questions:

Madeira Canyon Challenge is a product of Wild Sky Adventure Guides in partnership with the International Canyoning Academy (ICA).

Based in Washington State, Wild Sky is a professional swiftwater canyon guide service and adventure travel agency. We design and organize world class educational and adventure travel products like the Madeira Canyon Challenge. 

The Madeira Canyon Challenge is a week-long wilderness risk management and leadership seminar. The program uses the medium of swiftwater canyoneering to teach important lessons on how to identify, control and mitigate risk. 

All Madeira Canyon Challenge Guides are trained and accredited through our partner organization ICA. ICA is an offshoot of the oldest canyon guide academy in the world; the CIC. They have developed and taught canyoning courses around the world. All participants will receive an official certificate of training as well as a one year ICA membership. 

The Madeira Canyon Challenge is a coming of age adventure that facilitates life changing experiences for those seeking adventure and self growth. We encourage school groups, friend groups, sports groups, or spiritual/religious groups to take the challenge!

Participants need to be physically active and ready to undertake a mentally and physically demanding adventure. Participants will experience cold water and exposure to heights as a part of their adventure. It is through overcoming these obstacles that the underlying lessons are learned.  

A fear of heights, tight spaces, or cold water immersion doesn’t disqualify anyone from participating in MCC programs. We encourage an open dialogue; if a potential participant is interested in challenging their fears we are excited to work with them and tailor an experience to help them move through and overcome their fears. 

Because we are a program with a deep background in education and skill building as well as risk management and team building we possess the unique skills and abilities to facilitate safe and meaningful activities. We are highly trained professionals who are interested in sharing our experience for the benefit of our students. 

The Madeira Canyon Challenge is a skill building program. Starting with our first introductory out of canyon dry day, we systematically teach participants important canyoning skills and techniques. We pair these techniques with important lessons In Risk Management, Judgment, Leadership and Emotional Awareness. As the course progresses participants put their new skills into practice. The course culminates in a final day where, under close supervision, participants lead the descent of an appropriately challenging canyon.