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The Madeira Canyon Challenge!

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Madeira Canyon Challenge

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Week Long Adventure Challenge in Madeira, Portugal!


Madeira Canyon Challenge Calendar

MADEIRA canyon challenge

March 9th to 15th 2024


MADEIRA Canyon Challenge

March 16th to 22nd 2024

Sold Out

MADEIRA Canyon Challenge

November 9th to 15th 2024


MADEIRA Canyon Challenge

November 16th to 22nd 2024


Outline: Madeira Canyon Challenge

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CHALLENGing, but fun, canyoning adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions:


The Madeira Canyon Challenge is a product of Wild Sky Adventure Guides in partnership with the International Canyoning Academy (ICA).

Based in Washington State, Wild Sky is a professional swiftwater canyon guide service and adventure travel agency. We design and organize world class educational and adventure travel products like the Madeira Canyon Challenge. 

The Madeira Canyon Challenge is a week-long wilderness risk management and leadership seminar. The program uses the medium of swiftwater canyoneering to teach important lessons on how to identify, control and mitigate risk. 

All Madeira Canyon Challenge Guides are trained and accredited through our partner organization ICA. ICA is an offshoot of the oldest canyon guide academy in the world; the CIC. They have developed and taught canyoning courses around the world. All participants will receive an official certificate of training as well as a one year ICA membership. 

The Madeira Canyon Challenge is a coming of age adventure that facilitates life changing experiences for those seeking adventure and self growth. We encourage individuals, school groups, friend groups, sports groups, or spiritual/religious groups to take the challenge!

Participants need to be physically active and ready to undertake a mentally and physically demanding adventure. Participants will experience extended immersion in cold water and exposure to heights as a part of their adventure. It is through overcoming these obstacles that the underlying value of adventure is learned.  

A fear of heights, tight spaces, or cold water immersion doesn’t disqualify anyone from participating in MCC programs. We encourage an open dialogue; if a potential participant is interested in challenging their fears we are excited to work with them and tailor an experience to help them move through and overcome their fears. 

Because we are a program with a deep background in education and skill building as well as risk management and team building we possess the unique skills and abilities to facilitate safe and meaningful activities. We are highly trained professionals who are interested in sharing our experience for the benefit of our students. 

The Madeira Canyon Challenge is a skill building program. Starting with our first introductory out of canyon dry day, we systematically teach participants important canyoning skills and techniques. We pair these techniques with important lessons In Risk Management, Judgment, Leadership and Emotional Awareness. As the course progresses participants put their new skills into practice. The course culminates in a final day where, under close supervision, participants lead the descent of an appropriately challenging canyon.

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