Mallorca: Gastronomic Adventures

Outdoor Adventures Paired With Traditional Cooking Classes And Traditional Mallorcan Food!

Mallorca: Gastronomic Adventures


Mallorca, Spain

Age Limit

12 and older.


October - May


4 Hours

Experience required

Beginner friendly. For people who want to spend the morning hiking and adventuring, and then the afternoon learning about traditional Mallorcan food and culture. We partner with local Mallorcans to teach you to cook authentic Mallorcan style Paella.

Fitness required

Mild to Wild. You choose the adventure, Your guide will help you learn the appropriate difficulty. Afterwards be prepared to learn, eat, and drink Mallorcan food!


Paella Cooking Class:
€150 per person for group of 2
€125 per person for group of 3
€100 per person for group of 4
€40 per person for groups over 4

Hiking Tour:
€100 per person

Minimum Group Size

2 participants.

The Gastronomic Adventure Experience:

The Wild Sky Adventure Guides Mallorcan Gastronomic Adventure offers a unique and immersive experience that seamlessly blends the beauty of Mallorca’s landscapes with its rich culinary heritage. The day begins with a captivating morning hike to culturally and scenically significant areas, allowing clients to connect with the island’s natural wonders. In the afternoon, participants embark on an outdoor Paella cooking class, set against the backdrop of Mallorca’s stunning scenery. This hands-on cooking experience not only teaches the art of preparing traditional Paella but also introduces clients to the intricacies of Mallorcan gastronomic culture. The adventure goes beyond the culinary realm by incorporating local Mallorcan dishes and drinks, ensuring a holistic understanding of the island’s distinctive flavors. It’s a delightful journey that not only satiates the appetite but also nourishes an appreciation for Mallorca’s culinary traditions.



Important: This outdoor cooking class is  dependent on many variables, including the weather. Wild Sky parnters with local professionals to run  these classes, and they reserve the right to cancel with a full refund if  the weather  doesn’t cooperate and they feel  like you will be cold and won’t enjoy the experience.

The day starts when you meet your guide at 8am at the meetup location indicated in your booking confirmation email; near Snoqualmie Pass.

After a short drive to the trailhead we will park and begin the adventure.  Here, your guide will provide you with all the safety equipment that you will need and help you to pack it in the provided bags.

Pay attention! Before you leave the parking lot, you will receive an in-depth safety briefing.

The adventure begins  with a moderately difficult hike. Depending on the canyon chosen for the day you will hike around 1.5 miles and gain about 1500 feet of elevation! 

The vast majority of the hiking is on a well established trail.

Once you arrive at the canyon you will put on your wetsuit, store your personal gear, and prepare your technical equipment before descending into the canyon.

Pay Attention! You are about to receive another safety briefing!

Get ready to be amazed! 
The Alpine Canyoning  Adventure features stunning locations, amazing waterfalls that can only be accessed through canyoning techniques, and impressive mountain landscapes that will take your breath away.
After finishing the canyon you will need to change back into your dry clothes. You will de-rig and remove your harness and wetsuit. You will put on your dry clothes.
Get ready! There is still a fair amount of hiking to get back to the car!
Once you arrive at the car you will be happy to take off your wet shoes and switch into the dry pair you brought with you! You wont regret bringing an extra pair of fresh clothes to change  into.
While your guides are repacking all the canoning materials into their vehicle, make sure to remove any personal equipment from the Wild Sky backpacks!
Now you are ready to head back home where your shower  awaits you!

Wild Sky guides in the Snoqualmie Corridor of I-90 between North Bend and Snoqualmie Pass.

Upon booking you will receive a confirmation email detailing all the important details for getting ready for the trip, and 48 hours leading up to the trip your guide will be in touch with you to confirm meet up location and time so that there is no confusion the morning of your adventure. 

A trip with Wild Sky is an all inclusive experience. Our lead guides have been trained to the highest standards of internationally recognized certifications. They are trained Wilderness First Responders who always carry an extensive First Aid Kit and emergency communication equipment. 

When you book a trip with us we will provide you with all the gear needed to move through the canyon. We will fit you with an industry leading quick-dry wetsuit from Seland, a harness with attached carabiners and rappel device, a helmet, a backpack and a dry bucket to store your food. 

The most important thing that you can bring on a Wild Sky adventure is a Positive Attitude and a readiness to exert yourself physically for the day. 

Canyon appropriate clothes includes lightweight, non-cotton, long pants, a non-cotton shirt, and a pair of durable shoes with good grip (vibram soles preferable) that you don't mind getting wet! 

To keep your attitude positive and your body moving you are going to want to bring enough food and at least 2 liters of water to keep you on the move for the duration of your adventure. 

At Wild Sky we understand that life is messy and things can change. We have designed our cancellation policy to be fair to our valued customers, but allows us to provide some certainty in our guide schedule. Cancellation Policy: More than 7 days before trip begins: Full Refund. Less than 7 days: Wild Sky Credit.

Please bring an extra pair of glasses or contacts with you on your trip. Leave them in your dry bucket so that you have them if you lose yours in the canyon. Please bring glasses straps to secure your glasses in the canyon. 

Prior experience canyoneering is not necessary for any of our adventure challenges.

The Canyon Adventure Challenge and the Weekend Escapes! were designed with beginners in mind!

The High Adventure Challenge is also appropriate for beginners, but the challenge requires more resiliency and  physical fitness than the other trips. Honestly evaluate yourself and every member of the trip before signing up for this challenge if you have never been canyoneering before. 

Seattle area Wild Sky Challenges meet up outside of North Bend at 8:30 AM. 

We have designed our challenges to last around 6 - 8 hours, so expect to finish around 2:30 - 4:30 PM. 

Tips are not mandatory, but are very much appreciated by your guides.

Guiding is considered a service industry profession. Most people tip around the same percentage as they would tip at a restaurant.