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Amos Painter Sumari, a native of Nkoranga Village nestled in the picturesque Arusha region of Tanzania, has always possessed an innate passion for the world of art. From a tender age, Amos found immense joy and fulfillment in his ability to express himself through drawings and sketches.

Driven by a desire to share his talent, Amos became an art teacher at a school in his home village. Alongside his teaching endeavors, he also offered private art lessons.Amos’s dedication and commitment to his craft did not go unnoticed, his artworks earned him recognition and secured him coveted spots in national exhibitions.

However, like countless individuals around the world, Amos’s life took an unexpected turn with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The school where he taught had to close its doors, leaving him without a stable source of income. Additionally, his private lessons dwindled as international visitors, who were his primary clientele, ceased to frequent the region. It was during these uncertain and challenging times that Amos turned to his art as an escape—a refuge where he could find solace and express his emotions and experiences.

During the hard times brought on by the pandemic, Wild Sky extended a helping hand, providing crucial assistance to him and his family. We have helped him feed his family, protecting them from the scourge of starvation brought on by the disruptions caused by COVID19. We have covered his children’s school fees, ensuring they can continue their education uninterupted. We have also commissioned him to create art, including the Wild Sky and Madeira Canyon Challenge logos. 

Building on this collaboration, Wild Sky has taken further steps to support Amos by transforming his artwork into vibrant stickers. These stickers, adorned with his unique creations, will be made available for purchase from the summer of 2023. Through this initiative, supporters will have the opportunity to not only own a piece of Amos’s talent but also directly contribute to his livelihood, helping him make ends meet and support his beloved wife, Janet, and their three children.

The stickers

Stickers will be mailed out starting July 1st.

Stickers are 10cm x 10cm square. 

Each sticker is $10.50 with shipping and sales tax included.

Interested in original paintings?

Shipping costs mean that original pieces must be sent individually from Tanzania. Original pieces are available for purchase. Contact us for a catalogue of his work, filled with his best pieces. 



We admit, we are a canyoning guide service. We don’t know the first thing about selling art. If you do, then please get in touch. Amos is excited about the prospect of his art travelling the world. 

Contact us at: info@wildskyguides.com


Sam Keller volunteered for Jifundishe in Tanzania while pursuing his undergraduate degree in Anthropology in 2006. The people he met during his time there and the friendships he formed have remained important to him ever since.

As part of our partnership with Jifundishe, Wild Sky has committed to donating funds to provide direct payments to families in need.

Since beginning our partnership in 2023, we have already donated over $1250 to support these families, and we remain committed to continuing our support into the future.

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