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About US: Wild Sky Adventure Guides

Seattle - Mallorca - Madeira

Lead Guide / Head of Operations

Sam Keller

Sam Keller was born and raised in Washington State USA. After graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in Anthropology and Community and Environmental Planning Sam spent the next 8 years traveling the world to pursue his passion of rock climbing and exploration. He is an accomplished rock climber with several ascents of El Capitan, peaks over 5,500 meters (18000 feet) and the Streaked Wall in Zion. After working as a forestry technician and rope access technician he found his calling in canyon  guiding, and he has never looked back.

Guide Certifications: ICA/CIC Lead Guide

Medical Training: WFR

Years Guiding: 7

Guide Experience: Seattle, Zion, Moab, Spain, Portugal

Favorite Canyon: Sa Fosca, Thornton Creek, and Neon Canyon

Favorite Climb: Screaming Sky Crack, Grand Canyon

Co-Lead guide - pacific northwest

Austin Edwards

Austin Edwards, a Wyoming native, lives a nomadic life in his van and serves as a co-guide for Wild Sky. When not guiding, Austin practices his favorite hobbies of mountain biking, rock climbing, and, of course, canyoning.

He is an avid canyon explorer with multiple international adventures.  

With his extensive knowledge and passion for the outdoors, Austin brings an invaluable wealth of experience to the Wild Sky team. Joining a trip with him guarantees unforgettable adventures, as he shares his boundless energy and expertise with fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

Medical Training: WFR

Favorite PNW Canyon: Hager

Favorite Canyons: Imlay, Matachones, Bonilla

Currently Exploring Canyons in New Zealand. Follow him on Instagram @austinabseils.

Lead Instructor - pacific northwest

Brent Roth - Canyon Batman

Brent Roth is a highly skilled professional in the swiftwater rescue and canyoning communities. 

With a rich background in canyoning, Brent has not only accumulated extensive experience but has also contributed significantly to the community. He is a co-creator of the HowNot2 Technical Canyoning Instructional Guide, showcasing his commitment to enhancing safety and knowledge in the field.

Brent’s dedication to education is evident through his years of teaching canyoning at various levels of experience. At Wild Sky, he assumes the role of the lead instructor for Technical Canyoning Courses, where his passion for the outdoors and commitment to safety converge to provide valuable learning experiences for enthusiasts at all skill levels.


Professional Certifications: ACA (American Canoe Association) Level 5 Advanced Swiftwater Rescue Instructor and AAI Technical Rope Rescue Technician

Medical Training: WFR

Favorite PNW Canyon: High Falls, Dingford Creek, Hager


Lead Guide - Madeira, Portugal

Pedro Sousa

Pedro Sousa is a renowned figure in the world of canyoning and adventure sports. As the President of the International Canyoning Academy (ICA), he has dedicated his life to teaching and promoting safe canyoning practices across the globe. Based in Porto, Portugal, Pedro has been an integral part of the European canyoning scene for many years.

His extensive knowledge and expertise in the field has made him a sought after instructor, leading courses and training programs for individuals and organizations. With a passion for sharing his love of the sport, Pedro has helped to inspire and educate a new generation of canyoneers.

In addition to his work with the International Canyoning Academy, Pedro is also a certified IRATA Trainer, further solidifying his reputation as a leader in the field of rope access and safety.

Pedro and ICA have partnered with Wild Sky to create The Madeira Canyon Challenge! 


office manager / Digital Design

Jaume cABRERA Nuñez

Jaume is a versatile individual who wears multiple hats at Wild Sky. He coordinates logistics, is our office manager, and handles digital design. His love for hiking and photography is well-known and is always eager to capture the beauty of nature on camera.

When he’s not working, Jaume can be found indulging in his love for Mallorcan food, particularly paella. He has a deep appreciation for traditional cuisine and loves nothing more than sharing a good meal with friends and family.

At Wild Sky, Jaume’s skills in logistics and project management ensure everything runs smoothly, while his eye for design and love for photography bring a unique flair to the company’s digital presence.


What our Clients Are Saying About Us!

Born From Adventure

Wild Sky: in media

Evening Magazine: Seattle Canyon Guides


Born From Adventure

Why Wild Sky:


Certified Guides:

Our Lead Guides are all certified through ICA, the International Canyoning Academy. Decades of experience are behind the techniques and practices we employ.


Managing Risk is woven into every aspect of Wild Sky. Because of our extensive background in all disciplines of canyoning, big wall climbing, and wilderness expeditions we have Risk Management in our DNA. Keep your eyes open for the SAFER document on your Wild Sky trip.

Top Quality Equipment

Top Quality Equipment:

From the beginning to the end of a WIld Sky experience you will be surrounded by industry standard and top of the line equipment. Our focus on quality means a warmer, safer, and more pleasant experience.

Breathtaking Nature:

We only guide a select number of wild places where you won't be surrounded by crowds. We value nature and want to get outside with you in some of our favorite places.

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