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Wild Canyon With Exposure and Big Rappels Near Seattle

Canyon: The Tesseract!

Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Time Required: 8-10 hours

Fitness Required: Moderate

Balance Required: Moderate

Exposure: 320 Feet!

Rappels: 9-12

Max Rappel: 190 feet


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Spring 2023’s unusual warmth has accelerated spring snowmelt in The Tesseract.

We are expecting PERFECT CONDITIONS for The Tesseract in EARLY TO MID JULY. Plan your trip accordingly!

We have closed all trips in the month of August. We recommend that you book the whitewater adventure instead. It is in perfect conditions this year. 

We have kept availability open for September. We will monitor conditions, and if rains dont come in September we will close availabilities as well. 


The Experience:

The Vertical Canyoneering Adventure is our most technical and demanding canyon. Featuring a committing descent and multi-pitch rappels this canyon was chosen to showcase multi pitch rappel techniques that increase efficiency while maintaining safety. This is a good canyon for anyone looking to increase their capabilities in vertical terrain. 

Trip Outline:

Meetup: The day starts when you meet your guide in North Bend at 8am. After a 40 minute drive to your canyons trailhead at Olallie State Park you will gear up and receive an in-depth safety briefing. 


Approach: The Tesseract features a demanding 1.5 – 2.5 hour approach with about 1200 feet of elevation gain. This canyon demands that you put in work in order to gain access to the entrance.


The Canyon: The Tesseract begins with an airy descent into a beautiful box canyon. You descend about 300 feet over two rappels. The overwhelming depths of the Teseract can be overwhelming, but the awe you feel in the presence of such unique nature will stay with you. From here expect many more rappels and incredible nature. A hazard here is navigating the avalanche debris that accumulates in different sections of the canyon every year.


Adjournment: From the bottom of The Tesseract expect to hike about half an hour back to the car. You will de-rig and remove your harness and wetsuit. You will towel off and put on your dry clothes. Make sure to remove any personal equipment from the Wild Sky backpacks! Your guide will return you to your car in North Bend. 


The Inner Journey:  You will emerge from the canyon feeling tired but accomplished. Exposure to heights can be draining, but the challenge of overcoming the strong emotions and accomplishing your goal will stay with you.

Minimum Group Size: 3 people

For groups larger than 6 please call before booking.

All groups of 5-6 are guaranteed private

All other groups are open to add-ons.

The Private Canyoneering Adventure can guarantee a private trip for a smaller group.

Price Per Person: $270+tax

Call (206) 905-9385 with any questions.

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