What Is: Swiftwater Canyoneering?

What is Swiftwater Canyoneering?

Swiftwater Canyoning is similar to the sport of Desert Canyoneering. Swiftwater Canyoneering uses the specialist techniques described below to advance down canyons with flowing water and waterfalls.




This technique creates friction to control one's vertical descent down a rope. It's the technique we use most often to get from the top to the bottom of a difficult obstacle.

Tyrolean Traverse:

This technique uses tension in one rope to create a ZIP LINE which allows us to move horizontally in order to avoid difficult obstacles. A definite crowd favorite!


The presence of water in canyons sometimes forces us to swim through water obstacles. Swimming skills are helpful in a canyon. Our neoprene wetsuits and backpacks give us a buoyancy assist while we swim through water obstacles.



When an obstacle is too difficult to walk past, but not vertical enough to rappel down you have to downclimb. Generally canyoneers face down canyons and use opposing forces to climb through obstacles.


The essential activity of canyoning is movement. We spend the day moving through the terrain, that means a lot of hiking to get to the canyon, in the canyon, and to get back to our car at the end of the day.

Canyoneering equipment!

Precision manufactured ropes are an essential piece of any canyoneers kit. Ropes are what allow us to move safely through more difficult terrain and obstacles.


Harness and Rappel Device:

These essential pieces of safety equipment connect us to the rope through the use of carabiners.



The cold glacial runoff of Washington canyons necessitate the use of specially made canyoning wetsuits made by SELAND. We use only top of the line quick dry canyoning wetsuits to keep you warmer!



An essential piece of safety equipment, the helmet protects your noggin’ from falling debris, and any trips and slips that may happen in the canyon.


Specialized rugged backpacks are an important tool in swiftwater canyoneering. Bags need to drain quickly and have enough space to carry your neoprene and ropes while hiking.

Wild Sky Adventure Guides:

What Is Our Mission?

Our Mission is to promote the value of adventure in developing resiliency, discipline, risk management, and a positive self-image to the general public. 

We advance an ever-safer practice of swiftwater canyoneering in the Pacific Northwest by offering guided canyoneering challenges and publishing information about safer canyoneering practices.

We seek to strengthen bonds between the international canyoning community and an American audience through offering international adventures challenges, formal training through ICA, and publishing accurate information for travelling canyoneers.


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