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4 DAY: Introduction To PNW Canyoneering Course!

Learn the basics in order to safely get started canyoning in the PNW!

4 Day Introduction to

PNW Canyoning Course


To Be Announced!
Potential Locations are; Gifford Pinchot National Forest and Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest.




4 Days: May 29th - June 2nd + 9th WEST COAST CANYONING

Experience required

The Wild Sky Introduction to PNW Canyoneering Course is 4 days of instruction to teach beginner canyoneers the skills necessary to thrive as a competent team member in PNW canyons.

Fitness required

Must be able to complete 4 complete days of moderate physical activity. This course entails significant amounts of water immersion and corresponding physical and mental difficulties associated with exposure to heights and rappelling.


Price varies by course provider. Wild Sky has formed the Cascadia Guides Alliance with Cascade Canyon Guides and West Coast Canyoning. The courses are not affiliated with Wild Sky and we receive no compensation for promoting them here.

Book a Custom Course

Wild Sky does not have a course scheduled for summer 2024. If you are a group or organization that wishes to take an introductory class and the classes listed below have fully booked please email info@wildskyguides.com to schedule a course!


Wild Sky course participants receive a 10% discount on all Seland Wetsuits/Drysuits and a 20% discount on Seland accessories. Try out the gear on our course, decide if you want to invest, and then get a great deal!

Group Size

3-6 Participants.

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The Introduction to PNW Canyoning Experience:

The Wild Sky Introduction to PNW Canyoneering Course spans four days, covering essential topics such as risk-management, meteorology, materials and equipment, knots, rigging, rappelling, canyon progression, and effective teamwork strategies. Participants will learn the fundamental knots and gain hands-on experience in rigging static and releasable anchor systems. Rappelling techniques and safety backup systems will be thoroughly addressed. The course emphasizes the value of teamwork and the concept of followership. Wild Sky Guides aims to produce safe and  knowledgeable team-members who  know how to best help their canyoning team progress through Pacific Northwest Canyons.

The course location is TBA and dependent on land manager permits. 

The canyon will be in Snoqualmie Pass or Gifford Pinchot National Forest. 


None are required for enrollment; however, this course is tailored for individuals who are physically active, have prior hiking experience, and express an interest in venturing into the sport.

Day 1: Introduction and Rappelling Basics

  • Morning: Meetup and introductions, overview of materials and equipment, packing techniques.
  • Afternoon: Rappelling session covering different friction settings, hazards, and best practices.


Day 2: Rigging Fundamentals

  • Morning: Rigging discussion and practice; exploring static vs. releasable rigging and linked vs. unlinked anchor bolts.
  • Afternoon: Canyon descent, hands-on practice in rigging rappels.


Day 3: Canyon Leadership and Retrievable Handlines

  • Morning: Further canyon descent with a focus on practicing leadership decision-making.
  • Afternoon: Session on retrievable handlines.


Day 4: Practical Application and Ascending the Rope.

  • Morning: Ascending the rope. Practice Rigging rappels and handlines. 
  • Afternoon: We will focus on the application and refinement of learned skills.

The pedagogy of the Wild Sky Guides Introduction to PNW Canyoneering Course is centered around a deliberate and focused approach to skill acquisition.

The course prioritizes teaching a select set of essential skills, emphasizing depth over breadth. Rather than overwhelming students with a multitude of techniques that may sound impressive in marketing materials, the emphasis is placed on repetitive practice of the core skills.

By streamlining the learning process and concentrating on repetition ofthe key competencies, Wild Sky Guides aims to empower participants with the practical skills essential for becoming efficient and confident members of a PNW swiftwater canyoneering team.

We believe that the best way to get invited on canyoning trips as you get started in the sport is to have a strong base of knowledge, and we aim to help our students build their base.

Instructor Team:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Final location TO BE ANNOUNCED. We have put in for permits in Gifford Pinchot National Forest. We are  awaiting confirmation from Land Managers before we set the final location sometime in March 2024. 

In case our permits are denied, or weather forces a change of venue; Wild Sky Adventure Guides courses take place in the Snoqualmie Corridor along I-90 between the towns of North Bend and Easton. We operate in Mt. Baker Snoqualmie and Okanogan Wenatchee National Forests.

Upon reserving your space on a course, you’ll receive a series of emails containing crucial information to prepare for your course. In the 48 hours before your course  begins, your guide will reach out to finalize the meeting point and time, ensuring a seamless start to your adventure on the morning of the trip.

The lead instructor for the Introduction to PNW Canyoning Course is Sam Keller. 

Sam is a certified Lead Guide by the International Canyoning Academy (ICA) he has years of experience teaching introductory courses.

You can find out more about his background HERE.

The Wild Sky Adventure Guides Introduction to PNW Canyoning includes a comprehensive experience with certified lead instructors endorsed by the International Canyoning Academy (ICA).

The package includes National Forest permits and fees, all necessary group gear, and a well-structured curriculum.

All wetsuits and  technical equipment, except for an appropriate pair of shoes, is provided by Wild Sky Guides. 

The most important thing that you can bring on a Wild Sky adventure is a Positive Attitude and a readiness to exert yourself physically for the day. 

Wild Sky Guides will provide all of the wetsuits and technical equipment necessary for the course, but you will need to bring the warm clothes required to stay warm throughout the dry classroom times, and the cold mornings. Bring a raincoat to wear over your wetsuit on windy days.  

To keep your attitude positive and your body moving you are going to want to bring enough food and at least 2 liters of water to keep you on the move for the duration of your adventure. 

NOTE: It is MANDATORY for participation in the program that every participant brings a TYPE V PDF for the river day. For insurance reasons without a PDF you will not be able to access  the course terrain. 

Prior experience requirements vary for Wild Sky Adventure Guides courses, and each trip will specify the necessary background for participants. This approach ensures that instructors can address more advanced subjects tailored to the skill levels of the enrolled students. The Beginner course is an exception, as it is designed for individuals without prior experience, making it an ideal starting point for those new to the adventure. By outlining specific prerequisites for each trip, we aim to provide a customized and safe learning experience for participants at every skill level.


Wild Sky Adventure Guides trips typically commence with an 8 am meetup and conclude around 4 pm. Participants are encouraged to bring snacks and beverages to share at the end of each day, fostering a relaxed and semi-formal atmosphere for debriefing and socializing. This shared experience adds to the overall enjoyment of the adventure, creating a sense of camaraderie among participants as they reflect on the day’s activities.

Please bring an extra pair of glasses or contacts with you on your trip. Leave them in your dry bucket so that you have them if you lose yours in the canyon. Please bring glasses straps to secure your glasses in the canyon. 

At Wild Sky we understand that life is messy and things can change. We have designed our cancellation policy to be fair to our valued customers, but allows us to provide some certainty in our guide schedule.

Cancellation Policy:

More than 7 days before trip begins: Full Refund.


Tips are not mandatory, but are very much appreciated by your instructors.

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