The Canyon Challenges!

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The Canyon Challenges!

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Canyoning Adventures:

The Madeira Canyon Challenge!

The Flagship Canyon Challenge.

Set in beautiful Madeira, Portugal, The Madeira Canyon Challenge is a serious adventure.

During the challenge, students are challenged with a series of canyoning objectives that grow in difficulty each day. The course finishes with a final, difficult challenge that proves students to be doers of hard things. 

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The Women Only Madeira Canyon Challenge!

The Women Only Madeira Canyon Challenge is a unique opportunity for women to bond, build resilience, and showcase their strengths.

The Mt. Rainier Canyoning Expedition is our 3 day canyoning adventure

The Flores Canyon Challenge!

Check out the amazing canyons in Flores, an island off the coast of Portugal that is deep in the Atlantic Ocean. Get ready for great food, landscapes, and challenging canyons.

Austin at the top of a big vertical rappel.

The Brazil Canyon Challenge!

Journey to and explore the remote region of Chapada Diamantina in Brazil. We will explore world class jungle canyons in the heart of this remote forest.

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The Mallorca Canyon Challenge!

Come one, come all for a Wild Sky Canyoneering Challenge!

Our custom length Canyon Challenge is perfect for the group that wants to learn the technical and leadership skills necessary to become a canyon leader.

Succesful participants will be prepared with the tools to go out and canyoneer with a group of experienced friends. 

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The Moab Canyon Challenge!

Moab Canyon Challenges go in a different direction. Spend your P-Week camping in remote locations deep in the Robbers Roost or San Rafael Swell.