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Seland: Bitet VD 2-piece wetsuit 5/4mm


Seland: Bitet VD 2-piece wetsuit 5/4mm

The Seland Bitet VD 2-piece wetsuit is a professional level wetsuit for canyoneers who demand top-tier quality, performance, and comfort. The Bitet VD boasts unparalleled durability due to the generous use of Small Diamond durable fabric on the arms and legs. This ensures resilience against the rigors of canyoning terrain. Engineered for uninhibited mobility, its ultrastretch neoprene panels strategically placed in the lats, behind the knees, and under the armpits facilitate ease of movement through during challenging downclimbing and creek naviagation. With its exceptional warmth retention, the Bitet keeps you warm in extreme environments. The Bitet VD is the ultimate companion for conquering nature’s most unforgiving landscapes.


Professional 5 and 4 mm double-lined neoprene suit, with Titanium and Warm Plush interior, featuring elastic pieces and an inner collar. Equipped with pockets for camera and knife, and protected with Small Diamond and RF-06 Reinforcements. Possibility of including Pisete or Pee-zip.


  • 5 mm laminated neoprene covering the core and back with 4 mm neoprene covering the arms.
  • Titanium interior for increased radiant heat retention.
  • Ultrastretch neoprene on shoulder blades and armpits for improved movement and comfort.
  • YKK PVC zipper closure system, keeps water out.
  • Hood with Smooth Skin for a snug fit around the face.
  • Inner collar with Smooth Skin closed with velcro to prevent water ingress while the hood is not in use.
  • Pockets: One on the chest for the camera, with security fastening, and another on the arm for a rescue knife.
  • Arms feature Small Diamond, a durable abrasion-resistant material.
  • Seams protected with RF-06 to prevent snagging and wear.
  • RF-06 reinforcement on elbows, forearms, and buttocks, offering exceptional durability.
  • Beaver tail closure system prevents wetsuit from riding up and water from flushing out the wetsuit.

Farmer John

  • 5 mm bi-lined neoprene body and 4 mm inseam.
  • Titanium interior.
  • Laminated with WARM PLUSH interior fabric for increased thermal sensation.
  • Ultrastretch neoprene behind the knees for improved movement and comfort.
  • Velcro closure on one shoulder allows for a snug  fit that doesn’t rub and chafe.
  • Legs feature Small Diamond for friction resistance.
  • Seams protected with RF-06 to prevent snagging and wear.
  • RF-06 reinforcement on buttocks and knees for superior durability.
  • Preformed ankles facilitate foot entry.
  • NEW: Option to include Pisete or Pee-zip.

COLOR: Blue and green.

Weight 3 kg

2XS, XS, ST, M, MT, L, LT, XL, 2XL

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