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Seland Soffia: 1-piece Steamer 6/5/4mm


Seland Soffia: 1-piece Steamer 6/5/4mm

New for 2024! Introducing the Seland Soffia, the women’s counterpart to their renowned Iguazu wetsuit. The Soffia is a one-piece “Steamer” wetsuit designed for a perfect fit, unmatched flexibility and the highest quality of performance. Made with ultrastretch neoprene in key areas such as the arms, shoulders, back, forearms, and lower legs, this wetsuit offers exceptional freedom of movement. Engineered to provide maximum flexibility without compromising on durability, the Seland Soffia stands out as the best choice for women seeking the best one-piece wetsuit on the market.

Original price was: $305.00.Current price is: $275.00.

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The Seland Soffia is the female version of the Seland Iguazu. This ultrastretch one piece “steamer” wetsuit is purpose built for the adventurous woman who demands warmth, flexibility, and durability from her equipment.

Seland Soffia Features:

Ultrastretch bi-lined neoprene one-piece in 6, 5 and 4 mm. Designed for canyon guides. The Seland Soffiar features a molded hood, High Thermal Stretch Neoprene, and large parts of the suit made out of elastic neoprene.

High abrasion zones of the Seland Soffia are protected with Small Diamond and RF-06 Vulcanized Reinforcement.

Email info@wildskyguides.com if you would like to order the Seland Soffia without the integrated hood.

• Chest and back panels are made from 6 mm neoprene. The Abdomen, thighs and lumbar panels are made from 5 mm neoprene. The arem and leg extremities are made out of 4 mm neoprene for ultimate flexibility.
• Bi-lined with High Thermal Stretch interior, which increases the thermal sensation throughout the body, except in the extremities.
• Ultrastretch neoprene on shoulders, arms, legs, armpits and head, for maximum comfort.
• YKK PVC zipper. In a horizontal position on the chest, to close the suit with the hat.
• Additional Small Diamond reinforcement on the seat, knees and elbows.
• These suits have the possibility of including the Emergency Identification System (EMERID SYSTEM).
• Hood with visor. Adjustable to the face with Thermal stretch interior, to maintain temperature.
• Pockets: One front for the camera and another small one for the whistle (not included).
• Water drainage holes (in the double back piece and in the front pocket).
• RUBBER FLEX “RF-06” reinforcement on the elbows, knees and seat.
• Seams protected with RF-06
• COLOR: Red and black.
• SIZES: XS – S – ST – M – MT – L – XL

COLORS: Red and black.

Weight 3 kg

XS, S, ST, M, MT, L, XL

Metric Chart for Seland Wetsuits.
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