Seland – ABBTL – Extra-long 4/3mm wetsuit sock.

Seland – ABBTL – Extra-long 4/3mm wetsuit sock.


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This Seland neoprene sock must be purchased in conjuction with a Seland wetsuit. It will be eligible for free shipping if purchased in conjunction with a wetsuit. Otherwise it is subject to $55shipping.


The Seland ABBTL extra long wetsuit sock makes for a great addition to your Seland wetsuit.

Sporting a 4mm neoprene boot and 3mm extra-long sleeve, the Seland ABBTL is the perfect wetsuit sock because it creates a strong seal between the ankle of your wetsuit and your leg. The extra-long sock minimizes annoying flushing and is warmer than a normal 5mm neoprene sock.

NOTE: Seland wetsuit socks are not designed for long distances hiking on approach. The sock is meant to be used only in canyon.

If you plan on doing long hikes in this sock, it won’t last as long as a more expensive wetsuit sock.


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Metric Chart for Seland Wetsuits.
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