Seland Verdon Farmer John + Nala Jacket Combo!


Seland Verdon Farmer John + Nala Jacket Combo!

The Seland Verdon Farmer John and the Nala Jacket is Seland’s premier 2-piece wetsuit for PNW canyoning. This wetsuit boasts ultrastretch neoprene strategically placed over the shoulders, under the armpits, and behind the knees, ensuring unparalleled comfort during your adventures. The Verdon AZ Farmer John is the only wetsuit that features Seland’s proprietary quick-dry internal lining. Renowned for its exceptional performance and comfort, the Verdon AZ stands as Seland’s finest wetsuit, setting the standard for canyoning wetsuits!


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The Seland Verdon Nala combination is a great suit for cold Pacific Northwest canyons. The extra thickness of the Nala gives added warmth, but the elastic panels in the jacket  ensure that the Seland Verdon Nala wetsuit  combination maintains a high level of performance.

The Quick Dry laminated interior is what sets the Seland Verdon AZ apart from all other canyoning wetsuits.


Bi-lined jacket with Titanium inside.

Body in 6 mm and sleeves in 5 mm.

NeopreneSmooth Skin around the face (watertight cap).

Arms with reinforcement to protect the area from chafing.

Oblique YKK zipper that reaches to the chin and PVC closures at the bottom.

Super elastic pieces on shoulder blades and armpits for greater elasticity and comfort.

Seat and elbows with RUBBER FLEX 06 reinforcement.

Seams protected with RUBBER FLEX 06.EXTRAS: Pocket on the chest for the camera and on the wrist for the knife.


Farmer John

• Smart breastplate: Emerid system inserted in the breastplate.
• 5 mm bi-lined neoprene body and 4 mm inseam.
• Titanium interior.
• Laminated with WARM QUICK DRY interior fabric, which increases thermal sensation and quick drying.
• Ultrastretch neoprene behind the knees, which improves movement and guarantees comfort.
• Velcro closure on the longest shoulder, to make it easier to get into the suit and avoid rubbing.
• Legs with Small Diamond, a friction-resistant material.
• Seams protected with RF-06 (prevents snagging and wear).
• RF-06 reinforcement, the most resistant to friction on any terrain, and moldable in water. On the butt and knees.
• Preformed ankles to facilitate foot entry.


The Nala Jacket doesn’t come in in-between (ie LT) sizes. You can either order a full Verdon in an in-between size, or order the Verdon Farmer John in the in-between size and the Nala jacket in a normal size. 


• NEW: Possibility of including Pisete or Pee-zip for $30. Select the pee zip in the additional options and we will add it custom to your suit. 

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