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Swiftwater Canyoning SAR Course With Peak Rescue

aNNOUNCING: Peak Rescue 2024 Swiftwater Canyoning SAR Course!

Wild Sky Guides and Peak Rescue Have Teamed Up to Promote Safer PNW Canyoning.

[Seattle, WA], [4/16/24] 

Wild Sky Guides is pleased to announce a first of its kind Swiftwater Canyoning SAR course that we have designed in conjunction with renowned SAR training company Peak Rescue

The Peak Rescue Canyoning SAR course is designed specifically for Search and Rescue professionals and canyoneers who are interested in joining SAR teams and are seeking canyon SAR training. 

This 5-day training program is designed to train participants with essential skills and knowledge to handle emergencies in challenging canyoning environments.

Wild Sky Adventure Guides partners with Mountain Madness

Designed to Complement the Wild Sky Guides Canyoning Swiftwater Rescue Course.

In order to succesfully implement a rescue in the canyon environment we need highly trained canyoners at all levels of the chain of rescue. The Wild Sky Guides Canyoning Swiftwater Rescue Course is designed to train recreational canyoners in responding to the acute emergencies that can occur during a canyoning descent. 

The Peak Rescue SAR Rescue course is about the next step in the response; training SAR personnel to enter the canyon environment and get the victim to safety by implementing canyoning rescue strategies.

Peak Rescue Course Overview:

Course Title: Swiftwater Canyoning Rescue Operations

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Dates: August 12th – 16th 2024
  • Focus: Canyoning SAR
  • Meeting Location: Snoqualmie Pass WA
  • Skills Required: SAR Training and Rope Rescue Training
  • Fitness Level: Moderate
  • Cost: $1600

Is This Course Appropriate For Me?

That is a great question! Before signing up for the Peak Rescue Swiftwater Canyoning SAR course please complete the following survey to determine if this course is appropriate for you. If your results indicate that you need additional training then feel encouraged to sign up for the 4-day Wild Sky Guides Swiftwater Movement and Training course that runs August 7th – 10th. We are running a custom, 4-day introductory course to Swiftwater Canyoning so that we can get you up to speed on the course prerequisites for the Peak Rescue CSAR course. 

What If I Want To Join The Course But Dont Meet The Prerequisites?

You are in luck! Wild Sky Guides will operate a custom 4 day introductory to PNW Canyoning course in Snoqualmie Pass in the week leading up to the Peak Rescue CSAR course. The course will take place over 4 days from August 7th -10th and will be designed to prepare students to participate in the Peak Rescue CSAR course. 

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Why is Canyoning Swiftwater Rescue Important?

Canyoning, also known as “canyoneering,” has gained popularity over the last decade in the Pacific Northwest and around Europe and North America. However, it comes with inherent risks, especially in remote and rugged terrain. This partnership between Peak Rescue and Wild Sky Guides seeks to build capacity in the PNW region to respond to emergency situations that occur in canyons; in both the recreational and professional communities.

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