Madeira Canyoning

A Hotel we stay at in Madeira

Welcome to the Madeira Canyoning Blog Post Archive!

This archive is dedicated to Wild Sky Adventure Guides favorite international canyoning destination. Not only does Wild Sky run “The Madeira Canyon Challenge”, we also publish up to date information about the logistics of traveling to Madeira, the local Madeiran culture, and the amazing canyons that we do along the way.

Madeira is a Portuguese Island in the Atlantic Ocean. It is located on the African Continental Plate, but was settled by the Portuguese.

Wild Sky Adventure Guides organizes and executes international canyoning challenges called “The Madeira Canyon Challenge” in Madeira. We do this in partnership with local guides, restaurants, and hotels. Great care is taken to involve local professionals in all steps of our operations.

We would like to use this space to say “thank you” to ICA – The International Canyoning Academy, for the training that they provide to make Madeira a safe and fun canyoning destination.

A special thank you to all the canyoners who have put in the hours doing first descents and opening up canyons. Without your efforts canyoning would not be possible in Madeira.

Muito Obrigado!

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