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Wild Sky and Seattle Mountaineers Seland Wetsuit Sizing Party

Seland Wetsuit Sizing Party! Seattle Mountaineers May 18th and 19th 9:00-10:00 am!

Seland Wetsuits in Mt. Rainier.

Wild Sky Adventure Guides and the Seattle Mountaineers are cooperating to offer a Seland canyoning wetsuit sizing party. Wild Sky has a complete line of Luna wetsuits. We also have many lightly used and well maintained 2nd hand aneto wetsuits for sale.

Wild Sky Adventure Guides has partnered with Seland Neoprene Solutions to provide high quality, canyoning specific, wetsuits and drysuits in our online shop. 

Dial in your preferred size in person, then order through the online store. Your brand new Seland wetsuit will be shipped to your door! Take home a 2nd hand aneto with you today! 

Wild SKy + Seattle Mountaineers Wetsuit Party!

What: Wild Sky / Seattle Mountaineers Wetsuit Party.
Who: PNW Canyoning Community

Where: 7700 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115, USA

When: May 18th and 19th 2024

Time: 9:00-10:00 am

Find The RIght Size Luna For You!

Can't come this time?

Join The Wild Sky Meetup For More Wetsuit Parties!

Wild Sky Guides will be hosting wetsuit sizing parties and skill shares all summer long. If you can’t come this time, then make sure to follow our meetup group HERE!

Get Them While They Last.

Wild Sky has slowly been selling off our 2nd hand wetsuits over the winter. There are plans to send them to Portland for a wetsuit party with the Mazamas. Let’s make that happen! 

That is to say, the 2nd hand wetsuits wont last forever. Get them while they last. 

In the meantime, starting June 10th, Wild Sky will be hosting wetsuit parties! Our goal is to get everyone possible sized for their perfect Seland wetsuit this summer! 

Seattle Mountaineers + Wild Sky Guides = Lowering Barriers To Access Our Sport.

The Seattle Mountaineers and Wild Sky Guides partner to ensure that the PNW canyoning community has access to specialized safety gear while offering second hand, affordable gear. This cooperation increases the safety of the community while lowering barriers of entry to the sport with low priced second hand gear.

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