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Axe Aventures Cany Tool (Canyoning Knife) Review

Axe Adventures Cany Tool Review: Innovative and at a great price.

For the last 9 months I have been testing the Axe Adventures Cany Tool. I have been very pleased with the knife for the reasons I list in the video. 

This knife feels like a prototype. It is essentially a clone of the CRKT Bear Claw; which means the things that were cloned have been extensively tested and refined while the innovations in the knife need some refinement.

Unboxing and First Impressions:

The Cany Tool comes in an impressive crush proof case. The knife includes 2 small zip ties. 

I used shock cord to attach it to my harness.

Durability: stays sharp, rusts quickly, scabbard seems durable.

The knife started to rust rather quickly, its Grade 420 Stainless Steel, so resistent to rust, but I live in Mallorca and it went swimming in the Mediterranean several times.

If you take care of it better than I did it probably wont rust as bad as mine did. 

The Scabbard proved to be durable, I was worried about it breaking and so far it hasn’t!

PRICE: $35 Industry Leading!

So Cal Adventure Gear sells the knife for $35. At that price it cant be beat! 

As of this writing the knife is out of stock. Maybe we can get them to restock it!

This knife is great value for the price. 


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