Washington State Canyoning

Wild Sky Adventure Guides partners with Mountain Madness

This is a collection of blog posts about canyoning in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, specifically Washington State.

These blog posts are meant to be informational, not just about the guided canyoning trips and canyoning courses that Wild Sky Adventure Guides runs. We also publish information on local events, organizations that we support, and anything else that catches our attention or we believe is important!

We love Washington State and are proud to represent our community as professional canyoning guides and sponsorers of local events. The Washington State canyoning community is unique to the region, and special to us.

We would like to thank the Seattle Mountaineers for all their support throughout the years. We would also like to thank gear companies “Glacier Black” and “Norhex” for their innovative and high quality gear. Lastly we would like to thank “Doug Hecker” and the PNW first descent crew. Without your efforts to explore new canyons and open up established canyons we would not have such a vibrant community.

Thank you for reading our blog, it means the world to us. Have a great time out there and happy canyoning!

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