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Job Announcement: Wild Sky Is Hiring For Summer 2024

Wild Sky Is Hiring For Summer 2024.

Job Announcement: Co-Lead Canyoning Guide – Wild Sky Adventure Guides.

Wild Sky is currently seeking experienced canyoning leaders to join our team as Co-Lead Canyon Guide. We have openings for 1 full-time staff positions and several freelance positions for canyoning educators and guides who have a flexible work  schedule and are interested in stepping in on busy days.

If you have a love for the outdoors and a keen interest in canyon guiding then we want to hear from you!

About us

At Wild Sky Adventures, we believe that canyoning builds confidence, resilience, teamwork, and community.

We are committed to working together with local canyoning communities to make canyon experiences and training accessible to as many people as possible.

We believe that a welcoming and inclusive community is the foundation of safe canyon teams.

We want every client, every guide, and the folks in our communities to feel like they belong. If you share these values, we hope you’ll consider applying!

Full-time staff position:


  • Co-lead canyoning adventures through PNW canyons while maintaining a safe and professional atmosphere for clients.
  •  Ensure the safety,comfort, and enjoyment of participants.
  • Provide guidance and support to trip participants, fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere.
  • Attend training sessions, including an ICA rope systems course in early June.
  • Clean, maintain, and put away all gear after trips.


  • Passion for outdoor adventure and canyoning.
  • High level of cultural competency. Desire to work with people from different countries, races, sexual orientations, gender identities, economic status, and cultural backgrounds. Commitment to ongoing work fostering an inclusive  environment, including personal work on unconscious bias.  
  • Flexible attitude to accomodate the uncertainty of working for a guide service.
  • Ability to attend training sessions, including rope systems training in early June.
  • Enthusiasm to learn and use ICA approved European Rope Systems during paid work time.
  • Drivers License and personal transportation (work use  will be compensated at the 2024 Federal Mileage  Reiumbursement Rate.)
Training Requirements for staff position.

Current Wilderness First Responder Certification

  • One of the following:
    • Canyon Guide certification.
    • Institutional Aquatic (Class C) Canyon Leader experience.
    • 100+ days swiftwater canyoning in the last 2 years (highly proficient in A3-A4)


  • Ability to interview in Spanish. 
  • Fluency in a 2nd language other than Spanish is also highly valued.  
  • Non-traditional background for outdoor guide.


Staff Payroll Position:

  •  $264 per full day + tips
  •  $165 per  half day + tips
Freelance Positions:
  • $300 per full day + tips


  • Personal growth in technical and leadership skills.
  • Wild Sky guide training in early June.
  • Free tuition to attend Wild Sky courses.
  • Wholesale discounts for Seland Wetsuits. 
  • Industry pro-deals.
  • Opportunity for involvement in European operations.

How to apply:

To apply, please send your resume and a brief cover letter answering the question: “If Star Wars (Or your favorite adventure story if you aren’t familiar with Star Wars.) was a guided canyoning trip, what character are you (the guide) and what characters are your clients? What is your duty to the client?

Deadline for applications: Feb 29th.

Wild Sky is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace

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  1. Hello, I’m Fabricio Lacerda. I am a member of the ICA and have been working with canyoning for 7 years in Europe and more than 15 years in Brazil, I have extensive experience with groups and high management power in this type of work in nature. I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish and also French. I’m Brazilian and I live in Portugal on the island of Madeira for 10 years. I am available to collaborate with your Company.

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