Natural History of Madeira

The Natural History of Madeira archive is dedicated to blog posts about the incredible, diverse natural history of the island of Madeira.

Wild Sky Adventure Guides runs risk management and leadership seminars to Madeira, Portugal. Since these seminars involve many days of swiftwater canyoning on the beautiful island, we spend a lot of time marveling about the incredible and unique island.

Thus, our awe and wonder of the nature of Madeira has lead us to research the subject and write many blog posts that help outsiders understand this unique and wonderful island. We are proud to support research and a deeper understanding of Madeira.

We encourage anyone who wanders to Madeira to go to the Northern end of the island and explore the unique forests that make Madeira such a wonderful place to visit.

We would like to thank ICA – The International Canyoning Academy, and all of the local canyoners who have opened and maintained the canyons  on this island. You are what makes canyoning possible in Madeira and we recognize your efforts!

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