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The Most Versatile Wetsuit Combination

The Most Versatile Wetsuit Combination for Canyoning

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Choosing a wetsuit for canyoneering adventures can be an overwhelming and expensive endeavor. You either have 3-4 different wetsuits, canyoneer only in certain types of canyons and conditions, or you suffer. As someone who likes to canyon in the desert in spring, the Pacific Northwest (PNW) in the summer, and Southern Europe in winter, I have spent a lot of time thinking about and experimenting with different wetsuit combinations for all the different conditions that I encounter.

The Wetsuit Combo!

My recommendation for the ultimate wetsuit combination is any of the Seland 2-piece wetsuits combined with a Glacier Black or CE4Y canyoning-specific Splash Jacket. Add on the Ari 2.5mm shorty for additional combinations.

The Verdon AZ + NALA Jacket = mY fAVORITE pnw coMBO.


When facing the relentless cold of swiftwater canyons, you need a wetsuit that is thick and will protect your body from the radiant heat sink of the water while you are immersed for hours. Wear the 2.5mm ARI underneath your 2-piece Seland wetsuit. Seland wetsuits are designed for these conditions. They are durable, flexible, and warm—exactly what you want.

Glacier Fed Water or Windy Days:

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For those bone-chilling days or when the wind seems to cut through everything, I recommend the Glacier Black or CE4Y splash jackets. These jackets are the perfect way to augment the warmth of your wetsuit, providing an additional layer of insulation. They’re designed to repel water and block wind, keeping your core temperature stable.

Desert Canyons:

Rad Stemming Photo

Desert canyons present a different challenge. The ambient temperature is usually higher than in the PNW or winter canyons, and the terrain is even more abrasive than swiftwater environments. The water obstacles tend to be pools but can be very cold.

A cheap pair of shorts and a protective shirt over your wetsuit can make all the difference. They provide an extra layer of protection for your wetsuit against the rough canyon walls. They are much cheaper to replace if they get torn up by the rugged landscape.

Warmer Desert Canyons:

Sometimes, in warmer desert canyons, there is enough water, or at least uncertainty about water, that you will want to wear your Farmer John. The Ari gives your core an extra layer of protection in these canyons. I would still recommend a protective layer of cheap, non-cotton clothing.

Not in the desert.
Not in the desert.


I recommend the Seland ABBTL 4/3 high-top socks. This combination will keep your feet warm. The ABBTL are only 4mm, but they are high-top, and the sleeve is made of elastic 3mm neoprene. The nice seal they make against your leg prevents the flushing that is common with normal wetsuit socks.

Seland ABBTL neoprene sock.


Seland wetsuit socks are not as durable as the discontinued Argos 5mm wetsuit socks. I don’t wear them on long approaches, only in the canyon itself. It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is.

The key to enjoying canyoning to the fullest is being well-prepared with the right gear. The combinations I’ve recommended here will protect you in a wide range of conditions without having to break the bank buying a second wetsuit. A Seland 2-piece canyoning wetsuit combined with a 2.5mm Ari Shorty and a CE4Y or Glacier Black canyoning splash jacket will keep you warm no matter where you canyon, and it won’t break the bank.

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Waterfalls are cool.

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