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Summer 2024 PNW Canyoning Course Schedule

Wild Sky Adventure Guides announces 2024 PNW canyoning course schedule.

Cascadia Guide Alliance Calendar.

[Seattle, WA], [2/1/24] 

Wild Sky Guides is pleased to announce our collaboration with Brent Roth and Kraken Whitewater.

We have designed canyoning courses that are specific to canyoning in the Pacific Northwest. 

The 2024 PNW canyoning course schedule is full of courses that are designed to be affordable while offering both interesting and practical information.

Visitors Guide for PNW Canyoning

Train to prepare for your Seattle Mountaineers Basic Equivalency Assessment.

Experienced desert canyoneers who take the Wild Sky Two Day Skills Transfer Course will be trained to take  the Seattle Mountaineers Canyoning Basic Equivalency Assessment which grants you access to Seattle Mountaineers free canyoning trips.

Cascadia Guide Alliance

Wild Sky Guides is cooperating with canyoning  guides Cascade Canyon Guides, and West Coast Canyoning to create a Cascadia-wide alliance to promote the safe growth of canyoning in the PNW. 

Our Summer  2024 Canyoning Calendar is the first gesture of this alliance. 

Wild Sky Adventure Guides partners with Mountain Madness

Summer 2024 PNW Canyoning Course Outline:

The Wild Sky Introduction to PNW Canyoneering Course spans four days, covering essential topics such as risk-management, meteorology, materials and equipment, knots, rigging, rappelling, canyon progression, and effective teamwork strategies. Participants will learn the fundamental knots and gain hands-on experience in rigging static and releasable anchor systems. Rappelling techniques and safety backup systems will be thoroughly addressed. The course emphasizes the value of teamwork and the concept of followership. Wild Sky Guides aims to produce safe and  knowledgeable team-members who  know how to best help their canyoning team progress through Pacific Northwest Canyons.

This course is designed as an introduction to swiftwater canyoneering. The goal is to provide students with a strong foundation of skills and create excellent canyon habits with an emphasis on communication, teamwork and moving slowly.

Participants can expect 4 days of learning, challenge and fun! By the end of the 4 days, students should be safe and active participants in appropriately rated canyons.

Are you ready to take your canyoning adventures to the next level? Our comprehensive canyoning training program is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to explore canyons safely, responsibly, and with confidence. With a combination of online courses, hands-on training at the crag, and immersive experiences in the canyon, our program offers a holistic approach to canyoneering education.

The Wild Sky Adventure Guides’ 3-Day Canyoning-Specific Swiftwater Rescue Course, is led by renowned Pacific Northwest canyoning expert, Brent Roth and International Canyoning Academy (ICA) trained canyon guide Sam Keller. 

This specialized course stands apart as a one-of-a-kind opportunity, drawing upon the expertise of the American Canoe Association (ACA) curriculum and ICA canyon whitewater protocols and systems to deliver  a professional quality swiftwater rescue course that is tailored explicitly to the challenges of canyoning.

Over the course of three days, participants will delve into a comprehensive curriculum covering essential techniques, hazard assessment, and emergency response strategies.

With Brent Roth’s wealth of knowledge and the ACA+ICA framework, this course promises to equip canyoneers with invaluable skills to navigate the unique water features of the Pacific Northwest.

The Wild Sky Adventure Guides’ 2-Day Desert to PNW Skill Transfer Course is designed for seasoned desert canyoneers with big goals to take on some of the challenging canyons of the Pacific Northwest.

Led by professionally certified canyoning instructors, this intensive course focuses on the nuanced distinctions in rigging, movement, and leadership between the slot canyons of the desert Southwest and swiftwater Pacific Northwest canyons.

During two challenging days of canyoning, Wild Sky instructors will evaluate participants skillset and help them adapt their skills to the lush and challenging canyons of the Pacific Northwest. 

From mastering new rigging techniques to adapting leadership skills to swiftwater scenarios, this course will help you  develop the skillset necessary to take on PNW objectives.

Wild Sky has partnered with the Seattle Mountaineers. Our instructors are familiar with Mountaineers techniques and can teach to the Mounties Canyoning Equivalency. After passinga quick  test  with a Mountaineer leader you will  receive  the Mountaineers Canyoning Badge and be able to  join any basic Mountaineers trip for free. 

The Wild Sky Adventure Guides 1 Day Intermediate Swiftwater Course is designed for people who want to understand and move more comfortably in swiftwater hydraulics. The course combines International Canyoning Academy (ICA) swiftwater principles and techniques with local PNW canyoning best practices to create an innovate Europe meets the US canyoning course. 

Summer 2024 Calendar Of Events.

Cascadia Guide Alliance Calendar.

Canyoning Gear Exposition.

Choosing the right canyoning gear can be quite a challenge from finding the right equipment to choosing the gear that you prefer. That’s why Wild Sky is thrilled to announce a partnership with  canyoning gear companies to create a PNW gear exposition.

The Gear Expo aims to provide participants with valuable hands-on experience, allowing locals to interact with different canyoning gear firsthand. It’s a unique opportunity to try before you buy and buy direct from the manufacture

Currently  we have partnered with Glacier Black, Norhex, and Seland for the gear expo. If you own a gear company and want to participate  please email info@wildskyguides.com.

Seland Wetsuit Fittings and 2nd Hand Gear.

Wild Sky is commited to ensuring that the PNW canyoning community has access to top quality wetsuits. We are happy to offer up our 2023 wetsuits at signficant discounts. 

If you are looking for something different then the standard guide company wetsuit, we have samples of many different Seland drysuits, wetsuits, and accessories. You can dial in your sizing before  buying a suit shipped locally.

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