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Visitors Guide for PNW Canyoning

PNW Canyoneering Visitors Guide

The PNW Canyoneering Visitors Guide.

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Welcome to the Wild Sky Guides PNW Canyoneering Visitors Guide!

Wild Sky Adventure Guides is the PNW’s Premier Canyoneering Guide Service. We offer guided adventure excursions as well  as many different canyoning courses  designed to promote safer canyoning in  the PNW’s incredible, yet intimidating canyoning objectives.

Part 1: Necessary Information For Canyoneering In The PNW:

The first installment of the visitors guide is an overview of the logistical difficulties  and considerations one will need to make when visiting the PNW for a canyoneering adventure vacation.

Part 2: Necessary Equipment For Canyoneering In The PNW.

The second installment of the visitors guide is an overview of the critical safety gear that you will need to go canyoning in the PNW. From wetsuits to boots and backpacks we go over all the important gear and make gear recommendations.

Part 3: Necessary Technical Gear And Recommended Harness Setup For Canyoneering in the PNW.

The third installment of the visitors guide is an overview of the technical gear that you will want on your PNW canyoneering adventure. It includes a rundown of the Wild Sky Guides recommended harness  setup. 

Part 4: Bag Shakedown For Canyoneering in the PNW.

The fourth and final installment of the visitors guide is a shakedown of what you should pack in your bag  for PNW canyoneering as well as a discussion of  where  you should pack each piece  of equipment. Wild Sky Guides gives recommendations for different strategies that increase personal and group efficiency. 


Canyoneering in the Pacific Northwest is a fun, exciting, and rewarding experience. We are lucky to have some of the best canyons in the country. However, the high flows, and unique challenges of canyoning  in the Pacific Northwest require forethought, planning, and potentially training. We hope to see you in a canyon soon!

PNW Canyoneering Courses!

2024 PNW Canyoneering Course Calendar

The Cascadia Guides Alliance!

The Cascadia Guide  Alliance was formed to promote cooperation in the development and promotion of educational courses between PNW guide services.

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