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Professional Guided Canyoneering in Washington State


Wild Sky Guides provides premier Adventure Activities Near Seattle.

Wild Sky Adventure Guides is proud to announce that we will be guiding in the Seattle area this summer!

We are permitted to guide trips in Snoqualmie area canyons from July through September 2023.

We provide all equipment, including Seland Wetsuits and canyoning boots. We can provide transport to the canyon from North Bend for up to 4 clients. 

Weekday trips are all private while weekends are open to add-ons. We have a maximum group size of 6 clients to keep our group moving efficiently.

 Guides take high-quality photos and videos during trips, shared with clients at no extra cost.

Wild Sky Guides is Seattle Premier Canyoneering Guide Service.


In order to better serve our community, we tailor our challenges to the skills and abilities of each group.

*Check out the different challenges below!

Family Canyoneering Adventure

Our Family Adventure Challenge is designed for families with children aged 12 and above. The family challenge transforms the canyon into an obstacle course for families, encouraging teamwork, communication, problem-solving, shared experiences, and of course, fun! 

Seattle Canyoneering Adventure

For those new to canyoning or feeling nervous about jumping right into an intense adventure, we recommend our Seattle Canyoneering Adventure. Perfect for beginners, this challenge is suitable for anyone who wants to get a taste of canyoning in a safe and supportive environment.

Whitewater Canyoneering Adventure

Our Whitewater Canyoneering Adventure is perfect for the group that wants to step up and get some more action. High Adventure canyons feature larger rappels and more technical rapid-fire terrain than our Canyon Adventure Challenge. 

Vertical Canyoneering Adventure

The Vertical Canyoneering Adventure is our most technical and demanding canyon. Featuring a committing descent and multi-pitch rappels this canyon was chosen to showcase multi pitch rappel techniques that increase efficiency while maintaining safety. This is a good canyon for anyone looking to learn more about advanced systems.


Wild Sky Adventure Guides is a swiftwater canyoneering guide service and adventure travel agency based out of Washington State.


Our Mission is to promote the value of adventure in developing resiliency, discipline, risk management, and a positive self-image to the general public. 

We support the advancement of the safe practice of swiftwater canyoneering in the Pacific Northwest by offering guided canyoneering challenges and publishing information about safe canyoneering practices.

We seek to strengthen bonds between the international canyoning community and an American audience through offering international adventure challenges, formal training through ICA, and publishing accurate information for travelling canyoneers.


About Us: Wild Sky Guides

Sam Keller is a certified ICA/CIC whitewater canyon guide, with extensive experience guiding in the Southwest for Zion Adventure Company and Moab Canyon Tours. He has also guided internationally in Mallorca Spain and Madeira Portugal. He has also worked in Seattle as a Bold/Gold instructor; memorable trips include summiting Mt. Olympus, backpacking the N. Cascades and instructing multi-pitch rockclimbing in Squamish.

Originally from the PNW, Sam graduated from the UW with a degree in Anthropology and CEP with a minor in International Studies. In 2016, Sam met his Mallorcan wife, Marta, and made Mallorca his home in 2018, but he returns to his roots in the PNW during the summer to guide canyons while camping with his kids.


Our intention is not to compete with other experienced canyoneers, guides, or training organizations. Rather, we seek to contribute to the community by helping people experience canyons safely.

We believe that Wild Sky can play a part in ensuring that a strong identity, culture of safety and respect for the sport can thrive inside of our rapidly growing community, and we wish to partner with others in the community to promote safe, responsible canyoning in the region.


If you are as excited about canyoneering as we are then we are interested in hearing from you. Please get in touch with us at info@wildskyguides.com!

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