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Connecting Solo Travelers

Connecting Solo Travelers and Pairs for Guided Trips.

Connecting Solo Travelers and Pairs for Guided Trips.

At Wild Sky Adventure Guides, we understand that not everyone has a group of friends or family to go on an adventure with. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new booking feature for connecting solo travelers and pairs with other travellers so that you can book a guided trip together.


Here’s how it works:

Reserve a Date with 1% Downpayment: Solo travelers can reserve a date for a trip with a 1% downpayment on their credit card. This reservation will be posted on this blog post and on our website’s corresponding product page.

EMAIL info@wildskyguides.com with the date and adventure you want to sign up for and we will reply with information about how to reserve a solo trip!

Pairs can Book a trip. Pairs can book and pay for their trip on the date of their choosing. But, only the Private Waterfall Canyoneering Tour is guaranteed private. All other 2 person trips are open to add-ons. We will advertise this availability on this blog and on the corresponding product page of our website.

Add-On to Reserved Trip: Once an initial reservation is made, others can add-on to the reserved trip, up to a maximum of 6 people. 

Trip Confirmation: Once 2 people have reserved their space for the trip, the trip will be confirmed, and everyone’s credit cards will be charged. If the trip doesn’t confirm, the 1% downpayment will be refunded. 

You can still add-on to a trip once it is confirmed, but you will be charged the full price upon booking.

Cancellation Policy: Once booked, our standard cancellation policy will apply, unless the trip confirms within the 1-week window, in which case there will be a 24-hour cancellation period.


Thank you to everyone who has used this booking feature. We remain commited to connecting solo travelers with eachother in order to adventure in the PNW’s best swiftwater canyons. 


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