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Gear Review: Comfort + Warmth = Favorite Wetsuit

Gear Review: Comfort + Warmth = Guide Favorite Seland Wetsuit Combination.

Swiftwater canyoneers know that finding the ideal wetsuit combination is often a journey filled with trial and error.

Wetsuits are a critical piece of safety equipment, but they are expensive,  often impossible to try on before you buy, and hard to find for sale in the USA.

The right wetsuit must balance comfort, flexibility, and warmth. As a canyoning guide  who spends 100’s of days a year in my wetsuit, it has been my mission to find the perfect  wetsuit.

In my quest for the ultimate wetsuit setup, I stumbled upon a winning combination that has become my go-to choice – the SELAND Verdon Quickdry Farmer John paired with the Nala Jacket. Let me share why this pairing has earned a special place in my heart.

The SELAND Verdon Quickdry Farmer John:

The foundation of my favorite wetsuit combination is the SELAND Verdon Quickdry Farmer John. This versatile piece is a game-changer for canyoneers who prioritize warmth, durability, flexibility and quick-drying features. The Verdon Farmer John design offers exceptional freedom of movement, making it an excellent choice for canyoneering.

One of the standout features of the Verdon is its quick-dry technology, ensuring that the suit dries overnight. No more dealing with a damp and clingy wetsuit in the morning!

The Seland Nala Jacket!

What takes this wetsuit combination to the next level is the addition of the Nala Jacket. The Nala is designed with the same elastic qualities as the Verdon but boasts an extra 1 mm thickness, providing enhanced insulation and warmth. This makes it an ideal choice for colder water conditions or chilly days when a little extra protection is needed.

The Nala Jacket doesn’t compromise on flexibility; the Elastane panels on the back shoulders allows for ease of flexibility. The 1 mm of additional thickness not only adds warmth but also acts as a buffer against the elements, keeping me comfortable even when the temperature drops.

More about the Nala!

Key Specifications:

  1. Material and Thickness:

    • The NALA Jacket is constructed from double-lined neoprene with Titanium inside, offering a robust 6mm thickness for the body and 5mm for the arms.
    • This combination ensures optimal insulation, keeping you warm even in cold glacial water.
  2. Flexibility and Movement:

    • Ultrastretch neoprene on the shoulder blades and armpits is incorporated to enhance movement, guaranteeing comfort while canyoning.
  3. Hood and Neck Design:

    • The hood, designed with Smooth Skin – a smooth neoprene material, forms a snug fit around the face, significantly improving waterproofing.
    • An inner neck with Smooth Skin and Velcro closure acts as a barrier, preventing water from entering when the suit is worn without the cap.
  4. Functional Pockets:

    • A chest pocket, complete with safety fastening, is ideal for securing a camera, while another pocket accommodates a knife – ensuring you have your essential gear within easy reach.
  5. Small Diamond Detailing:

    • The inclusion of Small Diamond neoprene on the arms reinforces these critical areas, providing extra durability.
  6. Reinforcements for Durability:

    • The wetsuit features Rubber Flex reinforcement on elbows, forearms, and butt. This ensures longevity and protection in high-stress zones, offering peace of mind that your wetsuit will survive each day.
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In the world of swiftwater canyoning, the right gear can make or break the entire experience. There are plenty of stories where the wrong wetsuit in a big canyon objective like Heaps completely ruined the experience.

 The SELAND Verdon Quickdry Farmer John paired with the Nala Jacket has become my trusted wetsuit combination, offering the perfect blend of comfort, flexibility, and warmth. Whether you’re a seasoned canyoneer or buying your first canyoning wetsuit, investing in quality gear like this can make all the difference in staying safe AND staying warm which means MORE FUN!


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