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Seland Wetsuit Technology: Buyers Guide Part 2

Seland Wetsuit Technology: Buyers Guide Part 2

Seland Wetsuit Technology

Welcome to the Seland Buyers Guide. This comprehensive guide aims to familiarize you with Seland; a company that is well known in US canyoning circles, but not well understood. The intent of this buyers guide is to bring clarity to their history, technology, products, sizing, and environmental impact.

Seland Wetsuit Technology - Seeking Clarity!

Seland offers a diverse array of wetsuit technologies within its product line, each designed to cater to specific needs and preferences of canyoneers. Understanding the function and purpose of each piece of technology can be daunting, but this article aims to provide clarity on the matter. Let’s delve into the intricacies of Seland’s wetsuit technologies, demystifying their features and benefits for prospective buyers.

Section 1: sUIT Exterior

RF-06 Rubberflex Reinforcement

RF06 makes seland wetsuits durable and flexible.
RF06 is the flexible rubber coating that gives Seland wetsuits their flexible yet durable quality.

RF-06 Rubber Reinforcement is what makes Seland Canyoning wetsuits durable yet  flexible. This rubber coating is one of the most recognizable features of  Seland Canyoning Wetsuits and is placed in the highest wear points to protect the suit from wear due to constant rubbing. RF-06 can be found on every Seland wetsuit. What you may not know is that RF-06 is also used to protect wetsuit seams! That black rubber line is RF-06!

Small DIamond - Abrasion Resistant Fabric

Small Diamond is Seland’s most durable fabric. This protective layer, added atop the neoprene material in high wear areas, serves as a shield against abrasions, rubbing, and snagging that occur while canyoning. Recognizable by its distinctive tightly woven checkered pattern, Small Diamond offers unparalleled protection. This fabric is only used in high wear areas of the wetsuit  that don’t require  articulation, because with durability comes a loss of elasticity and flexibility.

 This innovative fabric ensures that your wetsuit has a long life filled with lots and lots of canyons.

Ultrastretch Neoprene

The Infierno 1 piece Steamer Wetsuit utilizes Ultrastretch Neoprene, represented in yellow.

Ultrastretch Neoprene is the Yin to Small Diamonds Yang. Small Diamond is used as a durable material in the high traffic abrasion prone parts of the wetsuit, and Ultrastretch Neoprene is used where flexibility and mobility are needed. You will find Ultrastretch Neoprene behind the knees and under the armpits of almost all Seland suits. 

Smooth Skin Neoprene - Closure System

Smooth Skin Neoprene serves as a specialized closure system designed to enhance comfort and prevent water ingress in your wetsuit. This innovative material fits snugly against your face and neck, ensuring a comfortable and secure seal. Its unique properties create a barrier that effectively prevents water from entering the suit. 

YKK Zippers and Beaver Tail Closure System.

A wetsuit only works if it is closed. Therefore the zippers and buckle closure systems of wetsuit jackets are very important. Seland uses top of the line YKK zippers and a unique “beaver tail” buckle system that passes between your legs to connect the back of your jacket to the front and create a powerful seal against water entering your suit.

SECTION 2: SUIT Interior


The Warm Quickdry Azul is Selands most advanced wetsuit fabric, exclusively featured in the Seland Verdon AZ farmer john. This advanced laminate, applied to the interior of the wetsuit, offers exceptional thermal properties, ensuring optimal warmth during prolonged exposure to cold water. As its name implies, Warm Quickdry boasts a  very fast drying time, allowing the wetsuit to dry rapidly overnight; no more slimy wet wetsuits in the morning! 

Warm Plush Interior Laminate

Warm Plush is a fleece like fabric that is laminated to the interior of certain Seland two piece wetsuits. This soft and comfortable material is applied to the chest and abdomen region of the Farmer John. The thermal properties of Warm Plush help keep you warm in the coldest of canyons.

High Thermal Stretch Interior Laminate.

High Thermal Stretch Interior Laminate is similar to Warm Plush, but it has higher elastic properties. Thus, it is used to coat the inside of Selands very elastic 1-piece steamer wetsuits. This grey high stretch fabric coats all of the interior except for the extremities. 


Titanium is a radiant coating that is applied in between the neoprene and the interior laminate of the wetsuit. This coating reflects your bodies radiant heat back towards your body in order to keep you warm. 


There is a lot that goes  into Seland Wetsuits. All of the different names can be confusing. We hope that we have cleared up some of the confusion for you. Please let us know if you have any additional questions about Seland wetsuit technology!

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