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Choosing The Right Seland Wetsuit: Seland Buyers Guide Part 3


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Welcome to the Seland Buyers Guide. This comprehensive guide aims to familiarize you with Seland; a company that is well known in US canyoning circles, but not well understood. The intent of this buyers guide is to bring clarity to their history, technology, products, and sizing.

Seland Wetsuit Recommendations For The PNW.

Since Wild Sky started selling Seland wetsuits we have spoken with many canyoners who are confused about which wetsuit they should buy. This Buyers Guide is our attempt to bring clarity and help people make informed choices. In part one we spoke about the history of Seland. In part 2 we explained the different types of technology used in Seland wetsuits. In part 3 we will give recommendations for choosing the Seland wetsuit that fits your canyoning needs. 

Seland Verdon AZ Wetsuit
The Seland Verdon AZ Quick Dry Wetsuit. On Sale now in the Wild Sky Shop.

Pacific Northwest Canyoning Wetsuit Recomendations:

Allow me to open a can of worms. These recomendations will not fit everyones needs, but the assumption is that the more experienced you are canyoning in different PNW seasons the more you will know what works for you. Thus, these suggestions aren’t directed towards  you. I love hearing feedback though, leave your favorite suggestions in the comments or email me at info@wildskyguides.com.

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The Most Versatile Mens PNW Wetsuit Combination!

The Seland Verdon + Nala Wetsuit Combination is my favorite PNW wetsuit.

The Wild Sky most versatile wetsuit combination is the Seland Verdon AZ Farmer John with the Seland Nala Wetsuit Top. We recommend this combination because the quick-dry interior of the Farmer John means no more damp wetsuits in the PNW morning. The suit is very elastic and flexible while still maintaining the Small Diamond coating in the legs. The Nala Jacket maintains the same flexibility and durability of the Verdon with an extra 1mm of extra thickness for added warmth. 

The Materials used in the Seland Verdon Wetsuit.
The Materials of The Verdon Farmer John and Nala Jacket. The Nala uses the same materials as the Verdon, but is 1mm thicker. .

Best Value Mens Wetsuit For PNW Canyons: The Bitet vd OR cLASSIC.

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The Bitet VD has long been the reigning king of mens wetsuits in the PNW. It is everything the Verdon AZ is, except that it has the warm plush interior while the Verdon has Titanium. The main difference is that the Bitet doesn’t have the Quickdry interior. For extra value you can purchase the classic Bitet which has similar material properties (Titanium Laminate Interior the VD has Warm Plush) but comes in red, has no cellphone, whistle, or knife pocket.

The Bitet VD is a high quality wetsuit for the price point.
The Bitet VD
The Seland Bitet Classic is a great PNW budget option.
The Bitet Classic

Most Versatile Womens PNW Wetsuit: tHE sELAND lUNA

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The Seland Luna is the most versatile womens wetsuit for PNW canyons. It is durable, warm, and thanks to its elastic neoprene joint panels, it is flexible. Many PNW women canyoneers have found this wetsuit to fit their needs when they go canyoning. 

The Luna comes with lots of elastic neoprene that helps you stay mobile. The Warm Plush interior lining helps to keep you warm!

The Best Value Womens Wetsuit For PNW Canyons: The Seland Mulhacen

Much like the Bitet is the value version of the Luna, the Mulhacen is the value version of the Luna. There are two variations of the Mulhacen, the VD and the Classic. The Classic is cheaper, but lacks pockets and the Warm Plush interior lining. As you can see in the picture below, the Mulhacen has much less elastic neoprene than the Luna, making it less comfortable, but the lower price point means it has a great value. 

Selands All Rounder Womens Wetsuit
The Seland Mulhacen VD
The cheaper version of the Mulhacen VD.
The Seland Mulhacen Classic

What About The 1-Piece Steamers?

Because  of the cold water in PNW canyons Wild Sky recommends the 2-piece wetsuits. They have upwards of 10mm  of neoprene between you and the water. They are durable, and flexible enough to stay comfortable. But if you demand an ultra flexible wetsuit, then Seland has the perfect product for you. 

The Seland Iguazu: Flexible, Warm, and Durable.

Seland Iguazu Canyoning Wetsuit
Elastic Canyoning Wetsuit

The Seland Iguazu is a one piece “Steamer” wetsuit that is  6/5/4  mm thick. It is made out of mostly ultra elastic neoprene and fits like a surfing or triathalon wetsuit. Many PNW canyoners love this wetsuit (they are tougher than me!) I find that this wetsuit really shines in more exposed canyons where you will be exposed to the waterfall for long periods of time. Not hydraulic canyons where you will be in the water for long periods of time. It just doesnt have the thermal properties that 11mm  of neoprene does. It does have an amazing hood  though, definetly the best  hood of any canyoning wetsuit I have ever used. 

Introducting The Seland Soffia! The Womens Iguazu

The Seland Soffia Womans Wetsuit
The Materials used to make the Seland Soffia

New to 2024 is the Seland Soffia. The Soffia is the womens version of the Iguazu and has the same material properties and thicknesses as the Iguazu, it just has a women friendly fit. This wetsuit is highly recommended. 


The Iguazu alone isn’t warm enough for longer PNW canyons, but I have found that in combination with a  micro-fleece base layer and a canyoning specific Splash Jacket it will keep you warm all day long in the coldest of canyons. I prefer this combination over Drysuits in all but the coldest of canyons. 

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Wild Sky Uses Canyoning Specific Splash Jackets To Keep Our Clients Warm!


With so many options of Seland wetsuits to choose fom it can be overwhelming to choose the wetsuit that is right for you. We hope that these recomendations have helped to put you on the right track. You can find all of these combinations in the Wild Sky Shop which sells Seland wetsuits. 

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