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Seland makes the best canyoning wetsuits on the market.

Seland Company History: Buyers Guide Part 1

Seland Wetsuit Buyers Guide - Part 1

Welcome to the Seland Buyers Guide. This comprehensive guide aims to familiarize you with Seland; a company that is well known in US canyoning circles, but not well understood. In this initial segment, we will delve into the 40 year history of the company and trace their evolution from humble beginnings to their current status as leaders in their industry.

A Brief History: Seland Neoprene Solutions .

Local Beaches in the Atlantic Ocean created the surfing conditions that inspired Seland.

Seland’s story dates back to 1984 when three brothers, dedicated surfers who grew up braving the frigid waters of the Cantabrian Sea, stumbled upon neoprene, a material with the potential to keep them warm while they surfed at their  local beach. The introduction of neoprene sparked a journey of innovation and entrepreneurship. Experimenting with rolls of neoprene, they meticulously handcrafted wetsuits, taking a week to sew each suit by hand. When the brothers took their new suits to the famous Sopela beach they were met with instant demand. Suddenly the brothers had more orders than they could fulfill sewing each suit by hand! They were at an inflection point. They decided to invest their money in sewing equipment, packed everything into their  small  apartment, and Seland was born!

Seland gets a new home.

Headquarters for Seland Neoprene Solutions
The front door to Selands Headquarters and Warehouse.

In 1994, Seland made a significant move to a small warehouse in their hometown of Urduliz in the Bizkaia province of Basque Country. They quickly outgrew the space as their operations expanded. They took this opportunity to build an extension onto their factory and doubled in size. This period of growth created the headquarters that are still in used today. 

The First Canyoning Wetsuit!

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As specialists in surfing wetsuits, Seland made comfortable and stretchy wetsuits  that were durable and warm. This set them up for success when they set their sights to canyoning wetsuits. Today Seland is known for creating high quality, warm, and flexible wetsuits. This is thanks to the fusion of surfing and canyoning designs. Their flexible, yet durable wetsuits set the standard for performance in swiftwater canyoning

Not Just Wetsuits.

Seland is best known in the US for their canyoning  wetsuits. But Seland has a diverse range of products for activities such as; kayaking, fishing, and yachting, all while remaining rooted in their original warehouse. Despite their global reach, Seland remains committed to quality craftsmanship and innovation.


Seland Today.

As Seland continues to evolve, their wetsuits have ventured into some of the world’s most challenging terrains, serving as trusted companions to adventurers worldwide. With a legacy built on innovation and a dedication to meeting the demands of outdoor enthusiasts, Seland remains a prominent figure in the world of canyoning gear.

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